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Work with Me: Laura Rideout

A Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, momma of 3 and founder of Wholistic Wave. I am an expert in Digestion and Gut Restoration and work with moms who are struggling with bloating, constipation, food sensitives, fatigue, sugar cravings and weight gain. I help restore the Digestive System and repair the intestinal wall (leaky gut) so the body can absorb and assimilate nutrients. This will increase your energy, boost your Immune System, reduce your toxic load and will finally give you the freedom to enjoy your life the way YOU want! As you improve the quality of your own life, I hope to create a ripple effect of holistic knowledge using the power of whole foods, lifestyle tips and positive thinking that spreads on to those who matter most so we can all live a life of love, laughter and happiness.


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