What is Dry Brushing

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Simply put, dry brushing is a quick and easy way to detoxify your body from the inside out.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and its main job is that of elimination, elimination of sweat, mucus, and of course toxins.  In fact your skin rids nearly ¼ of your toxins daily!  With the skin already doing so much, why dry brush?  

Benefits of Dry Brushing

1.  Skin Detox – Exfoliating the dead skin cells helps remove trapped toxins allowing your skin to breath, improves its appearance and unclogs pores.
2.  Helps prevent and reduce cellulite – Can help break down fat deposits below the skin and help these fat deposits be more even distributed.
3.  Helps stimulate Lymphatic System – Our Lymphatic System is directly related to our Immune System.  Keeping toxins and pathogens sitting in our lymphatic fluid will increase our chances of sickness or disease.  Dry brushing will help move the fluid around causing these pathogens to be weakened by our White Blood Cells and Lymph Nodes. 
4.  Stimulates Circulation – Helps to encorage the release of metabolic wastes
5.  Recovers smooth and silky skin – stimulates hormone production and sebaceous oil producing glands
6.  Reduce Stress – Reduces muscle tension, calms your mind and can be a form of meditaiton
7.  Its Invigorating – It feels good!  Many people become addictied to it (in a good way).  The great looking skin one gets after doing so, makes it hard to stop once you’ve expereinced it for yourself!

How to Dry Brush

1.  The best time is in the morning before you shower.  You’ll want to buy a non-synthetic, all natural bristle brush with long handles so you can reach all parts of your body (the firmer the bristles, the more lymphatic stimulation, however make sure the bristles do not scratch you.)
2.  Get naked!  Either in a bathtub or tile floor so you can easily clean up the fallen debris
3.  Begin at your feet and work your way up, overlapping as you go.  You will want to make small circular motions that are always moving towards your heart.
4.  Avoid more sensitive areas like your face and nipples but make sure to give extra love to the area’s in which your lymph nodes are more pronounced like your groin, armpits and throat. 
5.  Repeating from feet to head a second or third time will only add to the benefits or if time is limited, feel free to dry brush later on in the day.


To prevent bacteria, mildew or mold from growing on your brush, make sure you wash it with soap and water at least once a week and leave it in the sun or a warm spot to dry.

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